Heads up!

This week I will be away from the blog do to vacation, so most likely there will my be any new postings happening until Saturday.
My fellow partner will also be away be if she can slip away and work for a bit then she will be in charge of posting.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

sakurakuro-chan sent: I found you on the Recommended Blogs area on my dash! I wanted to see more vocaloid, and the art you find and post is so beautiful! Thank you for being on Tumblr!

Oh my. Tumblr was being a sweetheart and recommended us to you? We’ll have to show our thanks in some way..
But you are too kind really! We’re happy that you follow and enjoy the things you find here!
We hope you enjoy your stay!

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frozen-callisto sent: i found this blog because you were posting pictures of one of my favorite vocaloids (i think it was yukari yuzuki?) and i decided to follow because i love vocaloid and needed more on my dash <3

(〜 ̄▽ ̄) Ah yes what a cutie she is. I must take a note that we must post more of her, she is a great one indeed.
We thank you for following! We shall post more of her!
- Koko

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maybesomedaylove27 sent: I found this blog just searching in the "vocaloid" tag here on Tumblr. You guys just seemed to post some really good stuff; really high quality pictures and cute things that bring me joy. So I followed you, and I haven't been disappointed! Much love <3 :D

( ˘ ³˘)❤ oh my, we are flattered. We do try our best to get high quality images to hold up the good Vocaloid name!
We are pleased that you enjoy!
And props for you for just searching through the tag and finding us! There’s all sorts of things in that tag…good and bad I might add.
But glad you found us!

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kagamiine sent: i believe i found your blog through a len picture i reblogged and i followed you because there's not enough vocaloid on this site and i need it to fill the void in my weeaboo soul

I do agree with you, there aren’t enough blogs dedicate to the beauty that is the Vocaloid franchise.
How funny that a banana need brought us together don’t you think?
The banana will forever be sacred to me.
I hope you do enjoy your stay!


Please send us an ask, on how you found this blog and why you chose to follow us!

Thank you!
- Muto

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A taste of Mayu requested by oreobot

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